Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Not As Easy As It Looks.

Several of my friends responded to my post I Believe. I am going to address this more tomorrow, but my friend Travis posted this on his list:
"3. I believe...everyone should work retail for one year. Then maybe some common courtesy would return to the world, and there won’t be such a sense of entitlement."

Preach it, Travis. I think you could have them do retail or wait tables, but they really should experience it. Presently I don't deal with the public as much as I used too. You just don't see a lot of people at 2:00 AM. The rudeness of some people is amazing. I used to be a department manager for K-Mart. The things that people expected you to do was unreal. I always tried to be accommodating but there were times when I had the authority to do so I refused to do anything. One that stands out was a phone call I had from a lady berating me because I had dared sell an "obscene" CD to her 13 year old daughter. I knew that I personally had not but some cashiers would not check ages on age restricted items. I asked her what the CD was and she told it was from Tina Turner. I explained to the lady that there was no restriction and due to copyright laws we would not take it back. On this I did have some discretion and had she not launched into such a tirade I probably would have exchanged it for her. I was tempted to tell her if she thought Tina Turner was bad I could play some stuff for her that would have curled her hair, but I resisted.

Over the next few weeks I will return to this subject and give you an overview of what I do. I will do a post for the dairy department, frozen foods, and on a night where they put me in grocery, there. I may even throw in Taco Bell just for the fun of it and to see how many people scream "Stop. No more." Frozen will wait until we get our big freezer running. The original plan was that to happen today. However, it has been delayed. The door isn't working right and they put the wrong shelving into it. The fun continues.

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Travis said...

One of the things I enjoyed about working at the Japanese grocery store was that my boss had no problem letting a customer "have it" if they were complaining about something stupid. For the most part we treated our customers very well.

We had a little take out place in there, and whenever someone tried to pull the scam of eating almost all of it, and try to get their money back. My boss would come up eat a piece, say there was nothing wrong with it, and if they continued to argue, he would kick them out. I wish some places took that path sometimes, and didn't always acquiesce to the customer