Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What A Night.

I was definitely glad to walk out of the store at 7:00 this morning. We are in the process of putting in a new freezer and replacing most of the refrigerated cases. To replace the freezer means we are currently keeping all frozen foods in a refrigerated trailer. Last night we received 10 pallets of frozen foods and I had space for 5. There is a separate freezer for bakery and 2 of the pallets belonged went in there, after I did some rearranging. The other 3 I had to put in the meat cooler, which is kept around 38 degrees. Not exactly freezing, but cold enough until the pallets get worked. I put one of them out myself and left the other two for the day crew. I got a headache from dealing with it. I took two Tylenol and the headache just sneered at the pills.

This is one reason I am no longer interested in leadership at Wal-Mart. I had to deal with that, but the department manager got to figure the rest out. At one time I was interested in becoming a department head, but with what I make I would not get too much a raise and would have all of the headaches to go with it. What I do now is show up, do my job and go home. I like that.

I have also had the offer to become a salaried manager. I did that for almost a year at K-Mart and will not do it again. There my salary was based on 48 hours, but I usually put in 70. I took that job after my wife died. It got me through the first Christmas after her passing, but I don't need to push myself that much anymore.

The good thing is this is Tuesday, which means Vickie and I will get together to watch a movie and have some personal time. Tonight we will be watching Quigley Down Under. Vickie has never seen it.

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Travis said...

Keep the stories coming of your life in retail, Howard. I enjoy them. They bring back a lot of memories.