Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ghost Town.

Vickie and I saw Ghost Town last night. The tag line of the movie is "He sees dead people....and they annoy him." Ricky Gervais plays a dentist who has no people skills. He insists on being put under while having a colonoscopy. While under he died for 7 minutes. Because of that he sees dead people and they chase after him so he can help them move on. Since he doesn't like live people there is no way he will help dead ones. Greg Kinnear, who is dead, offers to keep everyone else away if he will stop Kinnears' widow, Tea Leoni, from getting married. This is a very good movie with some clever twists. Gervais does a wonderful job. IMDB has rated this 7.8. I am surprised only 1749 people, as of today, has voted on this movie. I hadn't checked on its financial success, but a quick look at shows it has only grossed a little more than $11,000,000. It is a shame that is all the more it has done. It is much better than that. My vote on IMDB is 9.

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