Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Stupidity.

You make $150,000 a year. You have a second job that pays an undisclosed amount. You run the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. With all that, you have a problem. You like to take things that don't belong to you. The man you see here is Richard Beard. He goes to trial next month for stealing a DVD set, House Volume 4 from a Target store in Springfield, Illinois. This is the third time he has done it. I am amazed after the first time he was allowed to retain his job. You would think that after getting away with it once he wouldn't try it again. Obviously he couldn't resist. You can read about it here.

As for the museum, if you ever get to Springfield I urge you to take the time to see it. I was there in August and was amazed by it. I plan on going there again. You are given a tour of Lincolns life and the visuals and settings are fantastic. There is a video hosted by Tim Russert that shows campaign ads for the 1860 election if they had television then. There is also a large display of campaign buttons and memorabilia from most of the presidential campaigns. While in Springfield you can also visit Lincoln's home and his tomb among other historic sites.

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Travis said...

It was many years later, but I learned that one of my good friends was basically a kleptomaniac. When a Target opened up close to us, he was banned from every going back within a week of it opening. He was also banned from most of the shops at our local mall. Although looking back it does explain how he all of the books he got...

The museum sounds cool though.