Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Tangled Web.

Why is it when people are going to tell big lies they feel the need to call a press conference to do so? Do they think that no one is going to look closer at their story if they do? Pictured here is Ashley Todd, who claimed she was attacked by a black man because she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car. When I first saw her picture I was suspicious of her story. Just looking at her face led me to believe her tale was false. The suspect would have been illiterate, yet very neat. A backwards B can be easily explained. Just do something like that while standing in front of a mirror. That is what I thought had happened. It has now been revealed that is what happened.

Did she really believe that was a way to get people not to vote for Obama? The only way that plan would have made sense would have been after consuming mass quantities of adult beverages. She still is not telling the entire truth, but at least the police are not looking for the Invisible Man. Andy Warhol talked about people having their 15 minutes of fame. Ashley Todd just had hers.

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Jeff said...

Oh my gosh. Yeah, this is really intelligent, and a great way to get votes! I can't imagine McCain would approve of this, but it certainly doesn't help matters.