Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It Can Happen Anywhere.

Dalton,Georgia is usually a quiet town. Population is around 33,000 but not a lot goes on there. There is a lot of carpet being made each day. Big police news usually involves an immigration raid at one of the mills. Last Thursday the city was literally rocked by an explosion. A 78 year old man, who believed he was being cheated by a 79 year old attorney, tossed a canister of some sort into the lawyers office. The explosion killed the man and has put the attorney in a burn unit in critical condition. The full story is slowly coming out, but it appears that the bomber had severe mental problems and whatever wrongs he had experienced were in his head.

The whole thing could have been worse. The man tried to use his SUV as a car bomb. He had propane, gasoline and natural gas in his vehicle, and he tried several times to ram the building.

Some days you wonder what the world is coming to. What drives a man to do things like this? I read today that the mans sons were scared of him. They had talked about committing him to a mental hospital, but were afraid of what he would do when he got out. The attorney spent some time trying to calm him down before the explosion. You could almost get paranoid about going anywhere. 2 people hurt there were simply there to address some legal problems.

You never know what can happen, but then you face the same risks by getting into your car and going anywhere. It is sad, but it was an isolated incident and life will soon return to normal in Dalton. The man injured is showing signs of having a great attitude, which helps in recovery. He sent word to his pastor that he would not be able to sing in the choir last Sunday. I am hoping he recovers enough to make it home.

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