Friday, October 24, 2008

If You Think Your Job Is Bad....

be glad you don't have the one they featured on Dirty Jobs this week. This week Mike learned about sheep castration. Once the incision is made they pull the testicle out with their teeth. If you think I am joking, catch a repeat of this episode. Of course, when they were done they had a fine dining experience.

I have helped castrate pigs before. I never cared for it but it had to be done. Next time you think your job "inhales vigorously" be glad you don't work with sheep. And if by any chance someone reading this actually does this kind of thing, I salute you. There is no way I could.

Last thought---Yesterday I saw a link to an interesting article on improving your memory. I forgot to click on it.


Jeff said...

I love that show. Luckily they have marathons of it just about every weekend.

Howard Bagby said...

It is my favorite show. There are 3 DVD's out so far and I have them all.