Sunday, December 7, 2008

Decorating For Christmas.

A couple of days ago I gave my Christmas tree away. One of my co-workers needed one and couldn't afford it so I gave her mine. If I hadn't given it away it would have stayed in my closet like it did last year. Since I live alone (except for my rabbit) I see no point in putting any decorations out. Just to make sure I did ask my rabbit if he would get upset if I didn't decorate. He just gave me that same look he does when I talk to him. The look says "Hey. As long as you give me food and water, keep my cage clean, and rub my back once in awhile I don't care what you do." It's always nice to check to make sure.

My wife loved Christmas. The tree had to go up Thanksgiving night and it came down Christmas night. When it came to decorating I had three jobs.
1. Put the tree up.
2. Put the lights on the tree.
3. Stay out of the way.
That worked for me. She also wrapped her own Christmas presents. She told me that if I wrapped it she would unwrap it to see what she got. She would wait until Christmas morning to get whatever it was, but she had to know.

I do have 4 Christmas decorations out, but they stay out all year. The first is a nativity scene. I feel this should always be out, not just brought out for the season. The second is an ornament with Santa holding a baseball bat while sitting on a baseball. The third is three snowmen that my Grandma made. She attached two styrofoam balls together and then knitted a covering for them, including hats. The three are different sizes, from small to large. The last one is a gift I was given last year by she who left me. This was sent to me from her new home. It is the Jones Soda Christmas Pack, with 4 bottles of soda. The flavors are Egg Nog, Sugar Plum, Christmas Ham and Christmas Tree. Of course I have not drank any of those, nor will I. It is cool just to look at.


Jeff said...

I love it. You're completely selfless, Howard. This world is a better place because of guys like you.

Howard Bagby said...

Thank you Jeff. It makes me feel good to do things like that.