Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Disappointing But Still Enjoyable.

I am not a big sitcom fan. In fact I rarely watch network television anymore. My all time favorite sitcom is, in case you haven't guessed by now, WKRP In Cincinnati. A couple of days ago I picked up season one on DVD. I knew they had trouble getting the rights to the songs which is why it took so long to get this out. I was hoping that they at least had got the rights to some of the original songs but it appears that they didn't. My biggest disappointment was in the episode called A Date With Jennifer. The shows newsman, Les Nessman, played by Richard Saunders. Les is the shy type and Jennifer, the secretary played by Loni Anderson, agrees to go to a banquet with Les where he is to receive an award. Les gets dressed up and the original tune was the Foreigner song Hot Blooded. Considering Les' reputation and the way he had carried himself made that song extremely funny. It is still funny watching him get dressed but the song they use hjust doesn't have the same punch. I am glad this is available, and it is very good, but not as great as it was originally presented.


Travis said...

Merry Christmas, Howard!

Volly said...

I think my favorite WKRP episode was the one where the religious-right group pounced on the station to censor the music -- Mr. Carlson thinks all their arguments are actually quite reasonable, until Venus, Johnny, and Bailey join forces to help him see the other side. They have Carlson ask the group what they think of John Lennon's "Imagine," and when they reveal the extent of their paranoid narrow-mindedness, The Big Guy is gently persuaded back to the Light. What a prescient episode!

Jeff said...

I've never watched an entire episode of that show.