Sunday, December 14, 2008

The House Is Out Of The Street.

The latest chapter in the on-going story of the house in the street is now completed. The house was moved onto a temporary foundation. So how long do they have now? 30 days. The beams the house is on are borrowed and something else needs done at that time. Why the beams are borrowed is beyond me. I didn't know you could borrow them. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter.

Last night at work I proved once again I am psychic. I was working in frozen foods and an Assistant Manager asked me to help him down stack 3 pallets of dry grocery. I had told the lady I was working in frozen that I would I would end up doing it by myself. At 2:00 AM I went to help him. Of course he was going to help, right? After all, managers are like Governors, upright and honest people, right? As soon as I got there he went to lunch. He got back in time to help me with the last few cases. See I am psychic. Or is that psychotic? I get those two mixed up.

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Travis said...

I've worked with people like that.