Monday, December 29, 2008

Taco Bell.

Last June I told them at Taco Bell that I would be quitting at the end of this year. I only work there about 6 hours a week, on their truck days. When I told them that the truck days were Wednesday and Saturday. Since my days off at Wal-Mart are Tuesday and Wednesday, it felt like I had no time off. Shortly after that the truck schedule was moved to Monday and Thursday. Since the truck arrives around 5:30 AM on Mondays I leave Wal-Mart at 7:00 and go straight there. That way I have most of it put away before the others come. On Thursday I meet the driver there and put away a lot of it as he unloads it. That makes it a lot easier, especially with the stuff that goes in the cooler.

Today would have been my last day, but I am staying longer. How long I am not sure. Why? There are several reasons. One is I really like the work. It is not hard and I have a system down where I get done quickly. Another is what I do is actually appreciated by the manager. There has recently been a change. The new manager was an assistant there, so he already knew me. It is nice to know that what you do is actually noticed. So for now I will keep working both jobs.


Radiodad said...

The attitude of the manager helps a lot. It's nice to be appreciated, and also good to be told that from time to time.

Jeff said...

Well it sounds like you're having a good time there. I actually went there last week and it's a very good memory for me. :) (And I even blogged about it...)

Travis said...

Sounds good, Howard. If you enjoy it, why not keep at it?