Friday, December 26, 2008

No Comprehension?

The image you see here did not scan quite right. The circle should be colored orange, but for some reason the orange became white. Any way, if you saw this sticker on a box, wouldn't you use it before any of the others? Obviously not everyone gets that meaning from this. I use that sticker at Taco Bell. I put it on every box that is leftover from the previous truck. On some items, like cheese, it doesn't make a difference because you have several months to use it before the cheese goes bad. On other items like lettuce and tomatoes you have a little more than a week. I believe that mostly the ones who ignore that sticker simply don't care. I have a hard time understanding that type of thinking, but that is what it appears to me. So far nothing has had to be thrown away, although we have come close a couple of times. The manager is going to keep after them, but it is a shame he has to.

On a more personal note, something weird happened to me on Christmas morning. Vickie called me about 2:00 AM. When I answered the phone I heard two women having a conversation. Vickie and I couldn't talk. The only thing I can figure out is I have a cordless phone that was picking up a cell phone call. That or my phone is possessed.

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