Friday, December 12, 2008

No Brown M&Ms.

For 10 years Smoking has posted contract riders for entertainers. The things people ask for and get makes for fascinating reading. Some of their demands are ridiculous. Out of all the demands made by groups, probably the most infamous was the one made by Van Halen in the '80's, they wanted M&M's, but there were to be no brown ones. I have heard several explanations for it, but I think the one Smoking Gun mentions makes the most sense. They felt that if a promoter paid close enough attention to the M&M's then all sound and lighting would be right. If you want to read the Van Halen rider, click here. To read others click here.


Travis said...

I remember watching an MTV special way back when about this, and that is pretty much exactly right. They figured if they got those M&Ms then everything else would be the way they like it.

Jeff said...

I'd heard about that one too. What a freak. And he always seemed like one of the normal ones before.