Monday, March 16, 2009

Change Of Plans.

I was going in a different direction today, but my son called and he is having some personal problems so I am scrapping what I was going to do. I need to go to bed since I work tonight. This is one of my favorite Far Side cartoons. I hope you liked it.
Travis was right. Enamel is what covers teeth.
Today's question is Grade 2/World History.
Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen lived approximately when?
  • A) 1400 A.D.
  • B) 1400 B.C.
  • C) 500 A.D.
I knew this one. 51-12. Good Night.


questions said...

Despite the fact that answer A was in bold type the answer is B.

Today's Word Verification is:

"ovelic" which is a person addicted to Ovaltine.


Travis said...

I concur with Dagwan, B.

I hope everything goes well with your son.