Friday, March 27, 2009

Inventory Is Over.

The beast has left and things are getting back to normal until next year. We will see in increase in freight over the next few days. Wal-Mart uses an automatic replenishment system, which means when so many, let's say Great Value Sweet Peas, sell another case is automatically ordered. There are a few flaws with this system. Of course the scanners are not wrong, but mistakes can be made before the merchandise enters the store. A good example of that would be the time we were supposed to receive 500 Banquet Salisbury Steak Dinners, which was a featured item. Featured items are those you find in the doors at the end of the frozen food cases. The warehouse sent us 500 Banquet Meat Loaf Dinners instead. Now the value of that is exactly the same, But were totally out of Salisbury Steak Dinners before we found the mistake. You can scan the item and find out how many you have on hand. Of course since the system said we had 500 dinners, no more were sent until we corrected those numbers. Another way the numbers go awry is when the cashiers take the easy way out in scanning them. I'll keep the example of the Banquet Dinners, since there is a variety of dinners, but the packaging is the same. Cashiers are supposed to ring each item separately, but sometimes they will hit the repeat key. Again, the dollar amount will be correct, but now our inventory is off. We will be receiving a case we don't need and the system will show that we more of the other dinners than we actually have. By doing the inventory all of our numbers are now 100% correct. There is a minimum count for every item in the store. Now we will have exactly what we are supposed to. For a few days anyway.
Travis proves again he is much smarter than I am. He knew that the Prime Meridian intersects with the Equator.

Today's question is Grade 3/Music.

Which of these is NOT a member of the brass family of instruments?

  • A) tuba
  • B) flute
  • C) trombone
I knew this one. 59-14.


Mike Parnell said...

It is flute. That is a woodwind.

Travis said...

I agree with, Pa. The flute.

I'm not smarter I am just closer to my school days than you are. :D