Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Thoughts.

I have several things that I am going to talk about today. I am going to borrow something from Mad Magazine. Each article is from some department so each of mine will be headed by a department.

Department Of Public Service.
Remember, if you drink too much green milk today don't get behind the wheel. Never drink and drive.

Department Of Bill Engvall.
Bill Engvall had the "here's your sign" routine. Mine involves a co-worker in frozen foods. The other night the meat and produce truck arrived and I was putting a pallet of produce in the cooler. She asked me "Is the truck here?" "Nope, I'm just taking this pallet for a walk. Here's your sign."

Department Of Updates.
Little Houdini has been captured in Florida. I do not condone what he has done, but you have to admit he has style. Remember he stole a Wal-Mart truck loaded with merchandise and Crystal Gayle's tour bus. You would think he would steal something less conspicuous this time. Not our Houdini. He stole another semi then used it to pick up a front end loader. He is currently being held in isolation because he is an escape risk.

Department Of Irony.
Wal-Mart Great Value California style vegetable mix contains vegetables from China, Guatemala, and Canada. Nothing from California or even the United States.Dagwan saw through my ruse to lure people to the wrong answer. Actually that is what happens when you are tired and don't check your blog after posting. Dagwan and Travis were both right, King Tut lived in 1400 B.C.
Today's question is Grade 1/Social Studies.

What three- or four-leafed plant associated with St. Patrick's Day and Ireland is also known as the shamrock?

I knew this one. 52-12.

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Mike said...

As Bugs Bunny was wont to say, "I'm looking over a threeleaf clover, that I ovrelooked bethree"

Or something like that, anyway - the answer is clover.