Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stand By For News.

I know this is dated, but it took me a few days to figure out the best way to pay tribute to Paul Harvey, who passed away Saturday at the age of 90. I first heard Paul when I was a teenager. Paul had a very unique voice and I always enjoyed listening to him. When he started doing his The Rest Of The Story segments, I enjoyed trying to figure out who he was talking about. I have not listened to him in years, but I rarely listen to the radio anymore. You don't find newsmen like him anymore.
In his honor I am going to comment a few news stories.

Two airlines are trying to figure new ways to get money out of their passengers. Both are budget airlines, but I will bet the major airlines are watching to see if these ideas pan out. The first is Ryanair, which is based in Dublin and flies to Europe and Africa. They are considering making people pay to use the toilet. Ryanair already charges for things that most airlines don't. There is a possibility that this is a publicity stunt. The owner, Michael O'Leary is known to make statements like that just for the free press. Spirit Airlines, based in Florida has proposed a fee for people to buy a ticket. This would not be figured into the ticket cost. This has to have approval from the Department Of Transportation, so it may not go over. It wouldn't surprise me if it is allowed. Today if you want to go to a concert you have to buy a ticket from Ticketmaster, so what is the difference? It won't affect me in either case. I have never flown and I don't plan to.

With the economy in the shape it is in you would think that restaurants would be cutting back on their higher price ideas. One place in Atlanta, Omakase, hasn't got that message yet. They are offering a special sushi menu which costs between $200 and $350 a person, depending on what is served. First of all, I don't believe any meal should cost that much. Secondly, if they are going to charge that much, you would think they would at least cook the fish. I mentioned before sushi is not for me. Anybody else want this?
Al was right. The pterodactyl could fly. Today's question is Grade 4/Music.

True or False? A symphony is a musical composition performed by an orchestra.

I knew this one. 42-11.

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Travis said...

True on the answer.

Regarding sushi, I used to tell my Japanese friends, that sushi was the greatest scam ever devised. They will charge us a premium price for the food, more than for cooked food. Us Americans are so stupid we would fall for it, and we did. I said that as a fan of sushi too.