Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flea Market Find.

I was going to blog yesterday but I didn't get home until 1:00 PM and my bed was lonely so I kept it company until I had to go to work. I went to Dalton to pick up my comic books. I had a little time to kill so I stopped at a flea market there. The first table I stopped at had several boxes of baseball cards. I asked him how much he wanted and he told me $1. Each box had over 500 cards in them so I told him I would take what was there. He told me he had more. They were a mixture of baseball, basketball, football, NASCAR, and hockey. There were also 2 notebooks filled with cards, several small books and some small sets. He told he wanted $20. I paid him. I acquired over 20,000 cards for that. I should complete a lot of sets that I have started out of this. It will be some time before I have them all sorted. One bonus card I found is the one you see pictured here. This is from the 1994 Classic Basketball set. The card is of Charlie Ward, who won the Heisman Trophy while playing for Florida State University. He also was a basketball star, did not play college baseball but was still drafted by both the Milwaukee Brewers and the New York Yankees. He chose basketball over football and had successful NBA career, retiring in 2005. What I like the most about this card is the artist is one of my favorite comic book artists, Neal Adams. There are five cards in this set. Hopefully I will have a few more of the cards in all of these. If I find them I will post them here.
The Crusades objective was The Holy Land.
This weekends question is Grade 2/Science.

What is the name of the middle part of an insects body?

I need to go back to second grade. 55-13.

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Travis said...

20,000 cards for 20 bucks? Great deal, Howard.

I have no idea on the answer though. I don't think we studied insects in second grade.