Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Price Of Honesty.

I have mentioned before that I work at Taco Bell. I work two days a week, when they get their deliveries. I put everything away, rotate the food, and make sure that everything that we were charged for was actually delivered. Last Monday I noticed a case that I had never seen before, a 3 ounce plastic cup. Every month they offer something new so I figured that was it. When I checked the invoice however that case wasn't on it. We had everything that was supposed to be there so the driver had left one case too many. I asked the manager about it and he said those were Pizza Hut cups. Taco Bell is part of Yum Brands, which also includes Pizza Hut, KFC, Long John Silvers, and A&W. The warehouse supplies all of those and it is not unusual for the other restaurants to be on the same truck. I really don't understand how they schedule. There is a Pizza Hut less than half a mile from us, but the Pizza Hut that this case was intended for is in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since we weren't charged for it we could have simply thrown the case away and been done with it. I don't like wasting like that and neither did the manager, so he called the warehouse and told them about it. Their response was we had no complaints about a shortage on that truck, so basically they didn't care. When asked if they would pick the case up they said they would, but we would be charged a 15% restocking fee. That's right, their driver made the mistake and we would have to pay for it. Instead, the manager is going to talk to the local Pizza Hut and work out something with them. We tried to do the right thing and ran into a real life Catch-22. Sometimes it costs to be honest.
Volly, Al, and Travis were all right, the center of an atom is the nucleus.

Today's question is Grade 1/Animal Science. True or False? The pterodactyl was an ancient reptile that could fly.

I knew that one. 41-11.


Al Penwasser said...

This is the same kind of idiocy I had to go through when I was in the Navy. Every year, towards the end of the fiscal year (Sept 30), there was a big push on to spent our allotment for the year or we would risk losing it the next because, if we didn't spend it, we obviously didn't need it. So, an orgy of spending ensued. That never made any sense to me. If, for instance, my unit's yearly budget was $26K (we were a small unit) but we only spent $20K, that would be good fiscal management, IMO. Why should we have been penalized by only getting $20K the next year because we didn't spend the $6K necessary to bring it to 26? Ay, yay, yay, is it any wonder the government is run by idiots?
BTW, the pterodactyl could fly.

Dana said...

Some day, people will figure out that doing the right thing should be rewarded, not punished, but I'm not holding my breath!