Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Retail Beast.

There is a beast that stalks retail stores. At least once a year it invades the stores to make sure all is well. Preparations for the visit are always made, for the beast never comes in unannounced. Everything must be perfect. Nothing can be out of place.

The hourly employees really don't fear the beast. They may be annoyed by his coming because extra work is required, but the beast leaves them alone. Managers on the other hand tremble as the day approaches. They know if the beast is displeased there is a possibility that they will disappear, never to be heard from again. The beast never arrives alone. He has his minions, who scour the store front and back, observing everything, leaving no stone unturned. They observe all and record all, so that they may give their master a full report.

Even the beast has a master. He analyzes all his minions tell him and then he reports. If the beasts master is pleased, all is well for another year. Displeasure, and the beast claims his victims. The name of the beast........is INVENTORY.
Travis was right. Chorus is another name for a refrain.

Today's question is Grade 1/Animal Science.

True or False? All adult kangaroos have pouches.

I knew this one. 57-13.

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Travis said...

Answer: true.

I was very lucky in that I never had to do inventory at a big store. I had a friend who worked at Dillards and he hated inventory. You know work all day until 9PM, and then stay and do inventory until 1AM or later.