Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It is amazing at how little can actually be said in 300 posts. But here is proof of it. I said yesterday that today was going to be a picture post. I am going to share a few pictures of me.(Legal Disclaimer. I am not responsible if your monitors explode. You have been warned.) The others are a few I took this morning of my neighborhood.
I don't remember being that young.
Me at age 16 trying to look cool and failing miserably.
My lady and me.
This is Bun, my partner in crime. He is the brains of the outfit.

For some reason Bun likes me to put my foot on his head. I sent this picture to my niece and she complimented me on my pajamas.
If you get in trouble in Calhoun and need to get out jail who else would you call but Bond, James Bond Inc.
This is allegedly a haunted restaurant. Go here and scroll down to Calhoun and they talk about it.

This an actual tree house. They featured it on a show on HGTV. The guy who built it is very creative. You can read about it here.

Travis was right. Calligraphy is the art of handwriting.

Today's question is Grade 1/Animal Science.

True or false? A typical male moose sheds its antlers every year.
I knew this one. 98-17.


Mike said...

Teh naswer is yes - because they are antlers and not horns!

Jeff said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing that part of your life.