Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Late Truck.

The Taco Bell truck was late today so I will have to delay what I was going to write today. I have to be at Wal-Mart at 10:00 tonight and if I don't do as well as I used to with little sleep. For 4 years I managed to get by on about 5 hours sleep a night. I just can't do that anymore. The Taco Bell job ends in about 8 weeks. I will miss it a little, but after days like this not that much. Tomorrow I am going to discuss a couple of reasons why California is having a financial crisis.

Mike was correct. a moose does shed its antlers every year.

Today's question is Grade 5/Math.

What is the name for a triangle that has at least two sides of the same length.?

I knew that one. 99-17.


Volly said...

Hi, Howard.

Get some sleep - have a good 4th.


P.S. Equilateral.

Jeff said...

Isoscoles. I know that's not how you spell it, but it's still the right answer.

And yes, get some sleep!