Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should He Be Allowed Back?

The NFL made their decision yesterday. Michael Vick could be playing football again as soon as October. The question now is which team is willing to take on the burden of signing him. Of course Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons have washed their hands of him. Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are on record as being not interested. Whoever signs him will be facing a public relations nightmare. So who will step up and sign him? A couple of members of the Buffalo Bills are lobbying for him to be signed. It will be interesting to see who signs him.

Another question is should he be allowed a second chance. He was slow to admit what he did. He still has not expressed much remorse for it. What he did to those dogs was barbaric. So should he be tossed to the curb and forgotten about? My initial reaction when the story first broke was he should be banned from football for life. Now I do feel he should be a given a second chance, but with some major restrictions. Anybody who signs him should put a morals clause in his contract. The first time he steps out of line he should be gone. Everyone deserves a second chance, but not a third or fourth. Athletes today are given too many chances.

Vick had everything going for him and threw it all away. He may play football, but he will never again be making any extra money doing endorsements. His financial management was very poor and most of what he makes will be going to pay off those debts. He has been punished for his crimes and now has an opportunity to try again. I hope he does better this time.
Jeff was right. The Cherokee made "The Trail Of Tears". The trail began here in Calhoun. At that time the Cherokee capital was here. they had formed a government based on the United States government. When the attempt to remove them was made, they appealed it to the United States Supreme Court. The Court agreed with the Cherokee, but neither Andrew Jackson or Martin Van Buren cared and the Cherokee were forced to leave Georgia.
Today's question is Grade 3/Grammar.

Which word is the adverb in the following sentence? "Yesterday, Eric drove his dad's car."
I missed this one. 117-21.


Dana said...

He should be allowed back - he paid his penalty to society - and Pete Rose should be allowed into the Hall of Fame!

Jeff said...


I agree about Pete Rose. Let him go back. Not sure how I feel about Michael Vick. One of my students had the idea that he should be forced to go around for a year and pick up dog poop. I loved that idea.

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