Monday, July 20, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

I am just going to do a quick movie review. I saw Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen three weeks ago. I liked the movie, but it is one that you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. There are plot holes big enough to drive Optimus Prime through. (In case you are not familiar with Transformers, Optimus Prime transforms into a Semi.)

I knew I should have written this sooner. I am trying to recall my impressions about the movie and am coming up blank. Actually, I think that does say a lot about the movie. I went expecting to enjoy it and I did. However, when it comes out on DVD, I probably won't buy it. It was fun watching it once, but I really don't have any desire to see it again. On the IMDB it rates a 6.4. I gave it a 6.
Travis was right. There were 6 pieces.
Today's question is Grade 3/World History.

The Punic Wars were fought between whom?

  • A) Rome and Athens
  • B) Rome and Carthage
  • C) Rome and Alexandra
I wasn't sure and made a guess. It was a wrong guess. 111-20.

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