Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Jealousy is what destroyed the relationship between She Who Left In The Middle Of The Night and me. If you love someone you may sometimes be a little jealous, but what I went through was over the top. I am not going into detail about what she did. We have spoke since she left and she acknowledged what she did was over the top and wrong and she apologized for it. Of course if she would ever decide to ask to come back the answer would be no. I have forgiven her but I will never put myself back into that situation. If you have a relationship there has to be trust. For some reason she did not trust me, even though I never gave her a reason not to.

The woman I wrote about yesterday is obviously jealous of the relationship that I have with My Lady. She has gone as far as to tell our co-workers that My Lady comes in on her night off to make sure that I'm not talking to her. We both get a good laugh out of that. My Lady is off on Saturday nights, and some times does come in but not always. When she does come in she brings me food. A lot of Saturday nights she goes to the Huddle House to eat and when she does she brings me something to eat. I will admit she is spoiling me and I like it. She is definitely not jealous of that woman, because knows how I feel about her and about that woman. I have a good thing going and I am not going to mess that upSorry Volly, Jeff was right. The answer was 24.

Today's question is Grade 3/American History.

Which Native American people lived in longhouses?
  • A) Woodland Indians
  • B) Plains Indians
  • C) Navajo Indians
I knew this one. 103-18.

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Jeff said...

The woodland Indians! Longhouses had several families living in them at once. That's always seemed crazy to me. I can't imagine.

And my answer comes because of all the wood you'd need to make them. Can't have been just the plains. In fact, I think they were more of a Northeastern deal, weren't they?