Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Time Clock.

I really believe that some people are afraid of any type of change. A couple of weeks ago they put in a new time clock and a few are upset about it. I will concede that this time clock is a little more complicated than the old one. With the old time clock all you had to do was swipe your badge. Now you swipe your badge and you have to press one of four buttons, clock in, clock out for lunch, back from lunch, and punch out. I know, really complicated isn't it?

The main ones who do not like this are those who try to set up their own schedule. If you are not scheduled you can not clock in. With the old clock a manager could over ride that by swiping their badge, then you swiped yours. Corporate has become more involved with the scheduling. This has upset some people, mostly those who work days. Department managers have been spoiled and do not have to work weekends. Corporate wants them in the store at least one weekend a month. With the new system, you can override it, but you are now required to identify which manager approved your changing the schedule. What they are trying to do is have the store staffed at the times when we are the busiest.If a manager changes the schedule too many times, they will have some explaining to do. I have been a department manager before and I was required to work every other weekend. Working one a month is not bad at all.

An ape is an anthropoid.
Today's question is Grade 2/U.S. History.

The "Trail of Tears" describes the journey of what people from Georgia to the Indian Territory?
I had no trouble with this question. I'll talk about it tomorrow. 117-20.

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Ouch! Looks like I was wrong on the ape thing, but I think I read it as "arthropod". I am pretty sure a lobster is an arthropod.