Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here's Mud In Your Eye.

My buddy in Illinois called me last week and asked if I could find out what the origin of the phrase "here's mud in your eye" was. I like doing little research projects like this. I found out there is no definitive origin. I found at least three versions.

The first claimed it was started by soldiers during World War One. They fought in the trenches which many times were very muddy, so this was a toast from one soldier to another.

The second version is from the world of horse racing. In a horse race every horse except for the leader gets mud in their eyes. I am not exactly sure how that could be considered a good thing. I have always considered the phrase as a way of wishing someone well.

The third version, and the one that I believe is the correct one, comes from the Bible. In John Chapter 9 Jesus healed a blind man by spitting in the soil and rubbing that mixture on the man's eyes. I am sure there are also other explanations for this phrase. If you know of any please send them along.
Sorry Travis, but you missed it. I agreed with you that the age was 30. That is the minimum age for a Senator. For the House Of Representatives they must be 25.

The weekend question is Grade 1/Art.

To make the color pink, you should mix white with what primary color?

I knew this one. 105-19.