Saturday, April 4, 2009


For the first time since I moved to Georgia 13 years ago I went to Atlanta today. My Mom is going to Florida so I met her, two of my nieces, and the guy one of my nieces lives with. We went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was much easier to find than I realized. One reason I have hesitated visiting Atlanta is I do not like driving in a lot of traffic, but even that wasn't as bad as I expected. Of course, this being Saturday helped that.

The Aquarium is a fascinating place to visit. I highly recommend it if you get a chance. If you can get there before September 7, they have a special Titanic exhibit with things they have brought up. It was a fascinating exhibit. It is amazing how many breakable items survived the sinking. They had about 20 augrautin plates that they found in the sand on the ocean floor. They recreated they way they were found. It looked like they had been placed there, neatly arranged in three rows. Some clothes also survived. They were in leather suitcases which protected them.

As for the Aquarium itself it is an amazing look at our undersea world. We watched them feeding the whale sharks. They have four of them. The tank has room enough for six. They are hoping to gain the other two the natural way. Whale sharks have never been bred before in captivity. The females are not quite big enough yet, but they are optimistic it will happen.

Travis was right. The answer is Rome. Yesterday I was in Rome, Georgia. The picture you see is a statue that can be found in Rome. It was a gift to the city from Benito Mussolini in 1930. During World War 2 it was put in storage to protect it, but it is now on display. You can read
about it here.

This weekends question is Grade 3/American History.

The explorer Juan Ponce de Leon gave what U.S. state its name?

  • A) California
  • B) Florida
  • C) Georgia
I knew this one. 65-15.


Travis said...

I am surprised no on has defaced the Mussolini gift.

Answer: Florida

Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

Since Ponce de León was looking for the fountain of youth there, I'd say the answer was Florida.