Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slow Learners.

I personally don't understand the Starbucks phenomena. I am just guessing that the fact that I don't like coffee might have something to do with that. Last year they put one in in the Kroger store hear in Calhoun. A couple of months later they put in a freestanding unit. I-75 has four exits to Calhoun. You would think to put in a second Starbucks they would put one in on the other side of town. Instead they put it within half a mile of the Kroger.

Starbucks expanded too fast and placing shops that close together is part of the problem. I have no idea how well either one is doing but they are not on the closing list. Dalton will be losing one of theirs. You would think that Starbucks would have learned their lesson and would concentrate on their shops that are now open. Even Wal-Mart has caught on that the rapid expansion days are over. Starbucks still hasn't learned that. Instead of more Starbucks they are looking at expanding their second chain, Seattle's Best Coffee. Currently Seattle's Best has 550 shops, compared with Starbucks 15,000. Their hope for growth will come with other peoples money. They are looking for franchisees who will foot the bills. How many more coffee shops do we need? Starbucks is not releasing any figures on how many franchisees they are looking for. Hopefully those who are considering opening one will look long and hard at the deal.

The Cubs came back last night and beat Arizona 11-3. Carlos Zambrano pitched well and helped himself with his bat. He hit a single, double, and a home run and drove in two runs. The final game of the series is this afternoon.
Sorry Travis, but Volly was right. There are 206 bones in an adult human body. She also pointed out that your small intestines are long enough to jump rope with. However I must point out that the Surgeon General has determined that doing so is hazardous to your health.

Today's question is Grade 2/English.

True or False? The words "calm" and "peaceful" are synonyms.

I knew this one. 85-16.

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Jeff said...

There are some of the bagged coffees that I really like at Starbucks, but normally I don't buy the stuff they make at the store. It's too bitter, and I like to drink my coffee black. But the Columbia Narino Supremo is heavenly.

And there is a family I tutor for and the mother always makes Peet's coffee when I'm there. She puts cream in it, and man, it's delicious.

But if you're not a coffee guy, then you couldn't understand, Howard! :)