Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Return Of Nine Year Old Arsonist.

Well, he's back. He obviously hasn't learned anything, but then neither has his parents. While sitting in a van at a convenience store he was observed lighting a piece of paper and blowing on it, making the flames get larger and smaller. Once again he was arrested on the charge of reckless endangerment. The news article doesn't state it, but I am going to assume the man he was with was his father. That man should also have been charged with neglect. You have a boy who has burned down a store, and then he is left alone in a van with an ignition source. What was that man thinking? The boy should have been with him. He obviously has some kind of issues that need to be addressed now. To leave the boy alone is simply irresponsible on that man's part. I had figured the boy was already being treated, but I was obviously wrong. Hopefully now the proper people are paying attention and the boy will get that help.

I do want to respond to Winthrop J. Quiggy's questions about the previous story. The manager of the Dollar General did find the fire and tried to put it out, but it was too late by then. The building itself was an older building and did not have a sprinkler system. I tried to find out what the fire code is, but it is a PDF file and I am having trouble opening it. As soon as I get it open I will mention it again. It was a small store and I assume did not do much business. They only had seven employees.

I'll keep an eye on this story and talk about it whenever I find an update.

The Cubs lost their third straight game last night, falling to the Cardinals 4-3. They had rallied after being down 3-0 and tied the game, but lost it when Ryan Ludwick singled in the eighth to drive in Albert Pujols. The play again this afternoon.
Historians divide China's time into dynasties.
This weekends question is Grade 3/Astronomy.

What planet is the second closest to our sun?

I knew that one. 82-16.

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Volly said...

It's a disturbing case on a whole bunch of levels. Our local message forum has a lot of people calling for prison term or worse for the kid and/or the parents. Others are saying "he's too young to know what he's doing." I don't think either is appropriate in this case. One of the major points of interest here is how he did both of these things right out in the open, in daylight, with a parent nearby. Pardon the cliche, but to me this sounds like a cry for help. Whether it's a dysfunctional family or a chemical imbalance in the kid's head, neither a punitive approach nor a permissive one is going to get to the root of the problem. But I think he needs to be under house arrest or surveillance or something until "the system" kicks in. If there are any more incidents, somebody's seriously dropped the ball, IMO.