Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Over a year ago I talked about the Food Network firing Robert Irvine for lying on his resume. He was host of the show Dinner:Impossible. The show continued with Iron Chef Michael Symon but it wasn't as good. Irvine is being given a second chance. The new season of Dinner:Impossible starts tonight. The new season will only be six episodes. I am not sure if more will follow. Irvine has a blog where he tells his side of the story. I feel he has paid the price for what he did and enough time has elapsed for him to start again. His biography has been updated and I am sure there will be no more exaggeration from Chef Irvine. I am looking forward to these new shows. I am sure that the Food Network is being cautious, which is why there are only six episodes in this season of Dinner:Impossible. If the ratings are there there will be more.

Well the Cubs will not go 162-0. They lost last night 3-2 in 10 innings. Kevin Gregg gave up a bases loaded single to Jeff Keppinger which ended the game. That is the life of a closer. Save one game, lose the next. One of my favorite Casey Stengel quotes is "I don't get paid to win every game. Just two out of every three." Tonight the Cubs try to get their 2.

Somebody new had some nice comments about this blog. Thank you for the kind words and welcome Sarah.
Winthrop J. Quiggy and John were both right. Kush and Axem were in Africa.
Before I get to today's question I have a comment on this calendar. Whoever came up with the subject for today misread the question. The alleged category is Grade 2/ U.S. Geography.

What is the common noun in the following sentence? "I saw it in the city of Buffalo."

If this is a geographic question, school has changed quite a bit since I last went. I did know the answer. 68-15.

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