Thursday, April 2, 2009

Works In Progress.

I only have a short post today. I have several blog posts in outline form, but I won't get to those until later. I have canceled my plans for Chattanooga and Chicamauga. It is still raining so I will do those later. Actually they are close enough that I can do that on a day off, so when the weather is better I will go there. I am still going to Atlanta on Saturday. I am enjoying this vacation simply staying at home.
Sorry Mike. You misread the question. Her alarm went off at 7:00, so it was actually 9:00.

Today's question is Grade 5/Measurements.

If you traveled two decameters and a hectometer, how many meters would you have traveled?

I didn't know this one. We didn't study metrics much when I went to school. 63-15.

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Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

Well let's see. If I remember my language origins, "deca" before the word means ten, from the Greek or Latin, I don't know which. So that's 20 meters for the decameters. I saw some use "hectare" once in a Scrabble game, and I had no idea what it was so I looked it up. A land hectare is 10,000 square meters (100 x 100), so I assume a hectometer would be a 100 meters? Therefore the answer is 120 meters?