Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Genius At Work.

Last night looked to be an easy night. One frozen food case was being replaced, so I didn't have to stock that side. The opposite side was slated to be replaced tonight so I didn't have to do that either. I sorted all the freight and was busy putting it out. My preference is to stock one side at a time. I sort everything out, then put the cases on the floor by where they go. Then I start at one end and put the merchandise out. I was two-thirds done when one of the guys who was replacing the cases told me that they were going to be changing the case I was filling. I told him that I was told the other side was being replaced. He said that was the plan, but someone from our store ordered the cases backwards. The reason it makes a difference is two of the cases are shorter than the other three. Since the shorter case had been emptied they adapted the cases that came in to fit. It was too late to change the order, so tonight one of the longer cases will be replaced. I am so glad our leadership is on the ball and they know exactly what they are doing.

The Cubs lost to Arizona last night 7-2. Dan Haren pitched a complete game for Arizona and also drove in two runs. the Cubs are now 9-9 on the season. They play again tonight.
Sleet is a form of precipitation.
Today's question is Grade 3/Health.

How many bones are in an adult human body?
  • A) 206
  • B) 306
  • C) 406
I knew this one. 84-16.


Volly said...


And your small intestine is long enough to jump rope with.

My high school biology teacher knew everything...

Travis said...

I thought it was 306...