Monday, November 2, 2009


I have not paid much attention to the "Birther Movement". I thought it was stupid when I first heard people were pushing it. If there was any truth there it would have been used by Democratic candidates and President Obama would have never had the opportunity to run. A Federal judge has now dismissed the suit and had some harsh words for lead council Orly Taitz. Among other things, Ms. Taitz was encouraging people to lie under oath. The ironic thing is Ms. Taitz was not born here. She was born in Moldavia, emigrated to Israel before moving here. I find it funny that this movement is not lead by a natural born American. Ms. Taitz is also a very versatile individual. She is not only a lawyer but also a dentist and a real estate agent. I guess that way she has something to fall back on in case one of them doesn't work out.

Some people who work third shift get confused when the time changes during our shift. It really is simple, you ignore the clock and work eight hours. It is not that difficult. However you always get a few people who can't grasp that concept and you have to repeatedly go over it. The same thing happens when time goes forward. They want to leave an hour early because it is seven o'clock. I just shake my head and go on.


Al Penwasser said...

As far as the birthers, I agree with you. I find it impossible to believe that, if this were true, Hillary Clinton's people wouldn't have found out about it and relentlessly drilled it home. So, since there's so much more to get everyone's panties in a twist, let's move on.
When I was in the Navy and had to stand a midnight watch during the time shift....once it became 0200, it then became 0100. OK, so we stood an extra hour of watch. Oh, waaa. It all evened out in the spring when we LOST an hour.
As long as I didn't miss breakfast...

Rob S. said...

My favorite thing about Orly Taitz is that her name is Internet slang for "yeah, tell me another one." The O RLY owl gets used on message boards all the time when people are spreading b.s.