Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sammy, Is That You?

A few days ago the picture you see on the right of Sammy Sosa surfaced. Sammy was in Las Vegas attending the Latin Grammy's. As you can see, Sammy is a whole lot paler than he has previously appeared. Of course after that picture came out the speculation began. Was Sammy bleaching his skin or does he have Vitiligo? The answer turned out to be that Sammy had his skin rejuvenated and the treatment whitened his skin. This article talks about it. One thing the article mentions that I find funny is this treatment is mainly used by women. Is Sammy a vain creature? To quote the movie Gung Ho, "Is a frog's ass watertight?" I am a die-hard Cubs fan, but Sammy has never been one of my favorite players. The year after he hit 66 home runs there was rumors of him being traded to the New York Yankees. I was in favor of it. Sammy always struck me as being more interested in himself than the team. Just so I don't come across as too snarky, if having those treatments made Sammy feel better, more power to him. Decisions like that are up to the individual and I don't pass judgment on them.

One of things I really enjoy about my blog is when you get comments from someone totally new. Dsmcaron stopped by and had some nice words about my ramblings here. Thank you for visiting. It is always nice to hear. I am also gaining a few new friends from Thursday Thunks. I had fun doing that and it will become a regular feature here.


Caron said...

Thanks, Howard!

As for Sammy, I wish sometimes people would leave well enough alone. I saw Chuck Norris this morning on tv and WHY does he dye his hair so dark? Growing older sucks and I am not looking 25 anymore myself. It's a huge bummer and only getting worse, but...

Al Penwasser said...

Wow, not a good look. Unless he's going to try his hand at Kabuki theater. But, I'm with you, if it makes him feel better, all the power to him.