Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are You Stupid?

I have discussed this before, but it keeps cropping up. The way some people respond to others when they hide behind the cloak of anonymity that is the internet is amazing. They are rude and condescending, quick to display their superiority to those who ask simple questions. Earlier today I was reading The Springfield State-Journal Register. There was an article about two stores that are closing at the White Oaks Mall located there. Here is the exchange:

What is Scheels?"

TO Sweetpea: Are you SERIOUS? Get out from under your rock. There have been at least 10 stories about Scheels over the last year alone. If you were being sarcastic, you got me.

Sweetpea, I don't know what Scheel's is either. Jbeam, was that really necessary?"

Clark and Sweetpea you really do need to come out of your cave. Scheels story was in the newspaper.
Of course you two probably didn't see anything about Y'allpalooza advertising either."

It is easy to call names and tell people that they live in caves or under rocks because they didn't know that Scheels was a chain of sporting goods stores. I didn't know that until this article and I promise I don't live in a cave or under a rock. You can find this type of thing all over the internet. Anyplace where comments are allowed, unless you have good moderators, will have this. It is very easy to humiliate others when they have no idea who you are. One of the things I enjoy most about the Captain Comics Board is the civility shown there. We do have disagreements, but they pertain to the ideas, not personal attacks. Belittling others only serves the one putting down others. It is sad that is what it takes to make some people feel better about themselves. I have always had the attitude that there are no dumb questions. I know some of my co-workers make fun of new employees because they don't know something. I tell them don't hesitate to ask me anything. You don't find out unless you ask.

I forgot to mention that I was given the idea for yesterday's post by my cousin, Glenn Shawgo. Thanks Glenn. Also in the comments yesterday Volley asked what would happen if Michelle Obama was the thrower. I think the Secret Service would do like the preacher in Blazing Saddles did when he was trying to defend Cleavon Little from the people in the town. They would look at the President and say "Mr. President. You are on your own." They would then leave the room.The answer to yesterday's question was the Sahara.

Today we look at Grade 3/Literature.

Medusa was a monster who had what for hair?

Another right answer for me, so I am now 12-5.


Travis said...

Howard, that is the main reason I use my real name on the Captain Comics board. I feel that if I am going to rip someone's comic I should at least sign my real name to it.
One writer even contacted me about a comic I trashed.

Today's answer: snakes

Volly said...

I don't know if you've ever checked out the online message forum based in my city (the one closest to you, the one with the bridges and the river and 2-3 tourist attractions on or near a big mountain), but hoo-boy do I know what you're talking about when it comes to people who attack each other. We've got one incredible blowhard who has racked up over 8000 posts, mainly via one-line ad hominems at whoever posted last. The abuse is unbelievable at times. One individual I've met personally; he gets a pass because he apparently had a real no-kidding brain injury some years ago and his inhibitions are down. But the rest have no such excuse. They're just mean. Interestingly, they never show up in person at our gatherings. They just hide in the shadows and throw spitballs.