Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick Post 2.

Another quick post. Tomorrow will be a lot longer as I review Mad 497. I am a one finger typist and it takes me a little longer to type those posts. Since this is a quick one I feature another super-speedster, this time the revised version of the Flash that first appeared in 1956. He was Barry Allen and he is my favorite super-hero. He died in 1986 in a series DC called Crisis On Infinite Earths. He sacrificed his life to save all of mankind. Of course being comic books death is only a minor inconvenience. He was returned to life last year and will once again take up the mantle of the Flash. I am taking this as the time to quit following him. I liked the fact he died as a hero should and to bring him back cheapens that. Of course, comics today have changed considerably and I am dropping almost every super-hero title I buy. I am still collecting comics, but am focusing on different areas. Someday soon I will talk about the titles I am collecting.

Of course the answer to yesterday's question was 15. Today's question is Grade 1 vocabulary. I had a brain fart when I read it and missed it. I think I will enroll in first grade next week. The question:

True or false. The word "stern" refers to the front of a boat.

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Travis said...

I hope I am right: true