Monday, January 12, 2009

Taco Wedding Bells.

Some traditionalists like being married in a church. Then you have free spirits who want to do something out of the ordinary. A couple in Normal, Illinois chose to be married at a Taco Bell there. Of course someone at The State Journal-Register chose the headline "Normal Couple Weds At Taco Bell." I think it was fitting that the couple met on-line and the man who performed the ceremony got his certificate on-line. I wish the new couple well.

There is an interesting website called Offbeat Bride that has a lot of tales about other weddings held in unusual locations. Check it out if you have the time.
The answer to the weekend question was red. The rest of the rainbow spectrum is orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Does my knowledge impress you? I confess. I looked it up. Today's question is grade 5 Geography.

True or false? The lines that measure degrees of latitude are called parallels.

Hey, you have a 50-50 shot. Of course, I chose the wrong one and am now 4-5. I am going to get a special made dunce cap.

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Travis said...

This is one of those things you can think about too much. So: true