Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Truth In Advertising.

I saw a commercial last night for the new Oreo Cakesters 100 Calorie Pack. The commercial showed a truck being chased by at first a few people. More and more then joined the chase and finally you see the truck overturned and everyone grabbing boxes. The commercial was funny, but aren't they giving us a mixed message? Are just supposed to steal this product instead of buying it? I realize the economy is bad, so maybe this is Nabisco's way of helping out. Then again, that's probably not the message they want to get out.

I know, you are thinking that I have slipped a gear. After all, I talk about Oreo Cakesters and the picture you see is Nabisco SnackWells. Something similar to this commercial happened when SnackWells were first introduced. No, no trucks were overturned. However, some people did follow the Nabisco delivery trucks from store to store so they could buy the SnackWells. What made them so desirable? They were one of the first fat free products. Some people thought they could eat as many as they wanted and still lose weight. What they didn't realize was that while the product was fat free, it was not calorie free. There were almost as many calories in these products as regular cookies. SnackWells are still with us, but they are easier to obtain.
The answer to yesterday's question was Ferdinand Magellan.
The subject for today is Grade 3/Math.

True or False? The numbers 16, 25, and 400 are square numbers.

Give me that choice and I invariably pick the wrong one. I am now 14-6.