Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick Post 3.

Once again I am having a quick post. The next few days will probably be either quick or short posts. I am writing something that will take a few days to get ready. Today's speedster is Wally West, nephew of Barry Allen's wife. In one of the great co-incidences that can only happen in comic books, Wally received his speed identically to the way Barry Allen got his. Barry, dressed as the Flash, of course, was explaining to Wally how a bolt of lightning struck a shelf full of chemicals and gave him super-speed. Of course lightning always strikes twice and another bolt struck splashing Wally. After Barry's death Wally became the Flash. Wally's adventures just came to an end. I am not sure where they are going with the character from here.
The answer to yesterdays question of course was snakes.

Today's question is Grade 5/Cultural Studies.

The ancient region known as Mesopotamia was bordered by the Euphrates and what other river?

I wasn't sure about this one. I guessed and I was right. I stand 13-5.

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Travis said...

T would be the Tigris (sp?)