Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can You Say Overreaction?

Anybody dealing with the public knows that sometimes you just want to haul off and hit that annoying customer. There are people out there who would try the patience of Job. Of course, no matter how much you might want to you restrain yourself and go on. Joseph Milano, the gentleman you see here, owns a pizzeria in Palm Coast, Florida. A customer complained about a calzone he had bought and asked for a refund. Mr Milano promptly pulled out his pistol and struck the complaining customer in the face. He then jumped over the counter and continued the assault, not only hitting the complainer but his roommate as well. Mr Milano will probably have a hard time disputing this as the action was caught by his security camera. For the record, Mr Milano's pizzeria was not a Godfathers Pizza.
Travis was correct. The answer to yesterday's question was true.
Today's question is Grade 2/Cultural Studies.

Poseidon is the name of the Greek god of what part of the earth?

A) The sea
B) The sky.
C) The rain forest.

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Travis said...

The worse my old boss ever did was kick someone out. Never got violent.

Answer: The Sea