Saturday, January 10, 2009

Break Time.

Last night I did something that most of my co-workers would have been griping about if it happened to them. I started work at 10:00 PM and did not get my break until 1:15. You could set your watch by some of my co-workers. They go to break promptly at midnight, lunch at 2:00, and second break at 5:00. Get in their way and they will run you over. Personally I am not that concerned with the time. I usually combine my breaks and take a half hour at 12:30, then I take lunch around 3:30. I combine the breaks because I see no point in taking one when I have about two and a half hours before I go home. I also base my break on what I am doing. I pick a stopping point and then go to break. The reason I was so late last night is our meat and produce truck arrived at 12:15. There were 11 pallets, 7 for produce and 4 for meat. 4 of the produce pallets had to be refrigerated, as well as the meat. So instead of break I did that. I want to emphasize that I am not complaining. I just consider that part of the job. I still had my full break, just a little bit later than I planned. When you are dealing with perishable product you do what is necessary.

My friend Travis answered yesterday's question correctly, there are 4 continents starting with the letter A. They are Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and Australia. I forgot Australia. I expect to open my door one day soon and get punched out by a kangaroo.

This weekends question is a grade 2 spelling question.

The names of how many colors in the rainbow spectrum are spelled with only three letters?

I actually got this one right to bring my record up to 4-4. The answer comes Monday.


Jeff said...

I would say one. Red.

Volly said...

Wow. I got red and tan. That's a tough one.

Jet (black)? But black isn't a color.

Looking forward to the "big reveal" tomorrow.

As for your other subject, clock-watchers annoy and amuse me by turns. I've written about my co-worker "Fredi," who I would absolutely swear leaves a plume of smoke when she leaves for the day. You look over at her cube and her chair is still spinning as she drives past the window on her way out of the parking lot! The annoying part comes when such people comment on your habits ("Don't you even get a cup of coffee before you start answering e-mails?" "Don't you ever want to go home?").

I just don't like coming back to half-finished work in the morning.

Truthfully, though, the overtime doesn't suck either. :)

Howard Bagby said...

At Wal-Mart we don't get overtime. If we go over one day we have to take it off before the end of the week.

Travis said...

I got one as well, red. If we are using Roy G. Biv as the colors of the rainbow.