Sunday, January 4, 2009

You want how much?

I found a couple of Calhoun newspapers from November that I had forgot about. I ran across something that made me go "Huh??!!". The Gordon County Board took bids for someone to clean the Senior Citizens Center three times a week. They budgeted $8000 for the task and received 6 bids. The bids they got were for $5460(the winner), $7644, $9360, $10,530, $12,480, and $60,840. That last one really got me. Was that a serious bid? Did they place it just to say to someone that they were bidding on projects? What kind of service were they planning on providing for that kind of money? They must have thought they were bidding on a Federal Government contract, not a County one.

About the 5th Grade question I posted yesterday, the answers given were along the lines of what I guessed and are wrong. I do not like that question and will have more to say about it tomorrow.

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