Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nosy Neighbors.

I live in a small apartment complex. There are three buildings that contain a total of 24 apartments. The building I am in I live is two stories, 6 apartments on each floor. I live on the bottom in the middle. My neighbors seem to love keeping track of me. Many times when I leave someone will open their door to see what is going on. I am the senior resident here. Most people stay for a few months, I have been here 5 years. I pay by the week and my rent includes all utilities, trash pick up and basic cable. I think it is a good deal and I like it here. Occasionally you hear neighbors fighting, kids running in the apartment above me, a few police raids,(there have been a few people who deal in illegal substances, but the landlord is good at quickly getting rid of them)and loud music. With all of their checking me out, I rarely talk to any of them. Part of that is because my schedule is reversed, and part of that is once I get home I stay inside.

A little over a year ago I did get to meet my neighbors on both sides of me. (They have both since moved.) They were friends and were talking with each other one night as I left for work. One of them asked me if I was an axe murderer. They had seen the one who lived with me a couple of times and had not seen her in awhile. They thought I might have done away with her. I told them about her leaving in the middle of the night so they didn't have to worry that I might come crashing in some night. I got to know those two better than anyone else here. Now I am back to my solitude and that's all right with me.Yesterday's question was of course true. I was thinking parallels referred to longitude. Oh well, hopefully today's question will be easier for me. The category is Grade 4/Cultural studies. It doesn't look good for the home team here. The question:

Chartres Cathedral and the Cathedral Of Notre Dame are in what country?

Whew!!! I got one. I am now 5-5. Tune in tomorrow for more ramblings and and the answer to this question.

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Travis said...

Answer to the question is France I hope.

I lived in a 2 different apartments for about 7 years, and I never got to know any of my neighbors really. I met a few of them and talked briefly with them, but never hung out or anything. I did admire the one neighbor who came over and told me they were having a party and to let them know if it got to loud. I was never that courteous with my parties.