Friday, January 30, 2009

Does He Understand?

In 1974, during a segment of Point/Counterpoint on 60 minutes, Nicholas Von Hoffman compared Richard Nixon to a dead mouse and said someone need to go in, pick him up, and toss him out. Yesterday the Illinois Senate tossed out their dead mouse when they convicted Rod Blagojevich at his impeachment trial. Before their vote Blagojevich actually remembered where Springfield was and pleaded his case for 47 minutes. If you would like to read what he had to say you can find it here. No ones mind was changed. The vote was 59-0. A second 59-0 vote bars Blagojevich from ever running for public office again. So does he understand? Has he got the message? Here is what he had to say last night after being removed from office.

"And the fight goes on. Just because I'm not the governor anymore doesn't mean I'm going to stop fighting."

It doesn't sound like he understands it yet.

Traditionally an Illinois Governor is given State Police protection for a year. One of the first things new Governor Pat Quinn did was remove the State Police detail from Blagojevich. It was a well received decision. I wish Governor Quinn well. He is going to need it. Illinois has a $3 billion deficit.
Travis was right about yesterday's question. the answer was the sea.

Today's question is Grade 4/Music.

What is the name of the set of parallel lines on which notes are arranged?

I knew this one, but could not come up with it until I had looked at the answer. With this miss I stand 18-7.

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Travis said...

I don't have a clue. Music was a long time ago.