Friday, January 9, 2009

A Rare Sight.

Here is something you won't often see. That is actually me wearing a suit. This was taken after Dad's funeral. The suit was Dad's. It fit very well. Mom gave it to me. I haven't worn it since then, although at some point I have told Vickie we will get dressed up and go out. Every two weeks we eat at Huddle House, and it would freak them out if we came in dressed up. However, if we do it, we will probably go somewhere else.
All good fourth grade science students knew the answer to yesterdays question was gravity. All high school graduates with 40 college credits believed the answer was fusion. Thankfully my friend Travis guessed friction. I think he did that so I wouldn't feel so dumb. Thanks Travis.

Today's question, Grade 3 Geography.

How many continents begin with the letter "A"?

I missed again. My record goes to 3-5. I would say I need some first grade questions, but I missed one of those too.


Travis said...

Looking sharp, Howard.

4 continents begin with A. It was friction and gravity I was debating over in the last question. I guessed wrong.

Howard Bagby said...

Thanks, Travis.

I debated between fusion and gravity. so we could both say we were half right. That sounds good anyway.