Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Card Collecting Surprise.

A surprise move was made in the card collecting field yesterday. The NBA has decided to give the rights for basketball cards to one manufacturer. Currently both Upper Deck and Topps make cards, but neither one of them will make them next year. The winner of the rights is Panini, an Italian company. Panini is big in Europe, but over here they have had a limited share. They mostly sell stickers in the United States. They have not done any major sports in a long time. They have been putting out Disney related products lately, including Hannah Montana and High School Musical. This won't effect me since I don't collect basketball cards. However, after this year the rights for baseball cards expire. Will Major League Baseball follow suit and go exclusive? It will be interesting to see how that turns out.
Mike and Travis were both right with yesterday's question. The answer was World War 1.

Today's question is Grade 3/Art.

True or False? Objects in the foreground of a painting are closer to you than those in the background.

I wasn't real sure about this one but I guessed right. I am now 17-6.


Travis said...

Answer: True.

I hope the NBA knows what it is doing and have put their faith in a company that can actually put out a good product. Not just chasing the dollar.

Jinxo56 said...

It will be interesting to see what Panini does. Some speculation is the product will be more economical. The cost of some card sets is prohibitive.