Saturday, January 3, 2009

Citizenship offer.

Email will bring you the strangest offers, but I think someone just upped the ante. I can understand when they are trying to separate you from your money. I have written about several offers that I have had that would have made me "rich". I will point out I only open emails like this if there are no attachments. I do not want any viruses. As for this email, read it for yourself and then I will make my comments afterward.

You're invited to: 2008/2009 Canadian Resettlement Program Final Announcement!!!
By your host: Canadian Council
Date: Friday January 2, 2009
Time: 8:00 pm - 8:00 pm (GMT +00:00 GMT Britain, Ireland, Portugal)
Location: Good day, We would like to extend to you from the Canadian Council for Resettlement Regulations Resource Center (CCR)Inc. That 2008/2009 Canadian Resettlement program is on going. This is an excellent opportunity to network and assists every like Minded individual who is desirous to relocate and settle in Canada. Please take a moment to review this final announcement on the great development for this year, Canada Resettlement Programe. The Minister for the Citizenship and Immigration Bureau Canada has agreed to give visas/ access to travel to Canada to a targeted number of peoples around the globe (11,623) this year. Canada is a free and open society. We welcome citizens from around the world who genuinely want to visit, study, stay and do business here. For Further information and Registration. Please Contact the Secretary General of the Canadian Council for Resettlement at Email Address:- Thank you For your kind Attention Madam. Becky Adams ( Publicity Officer) Canadian Council For Resettlement Center

This is one of those where do you begin dilemmas. Why is Canada offering to bring 11,623 people to Canada? Are they that hard up for people that they need to import some? At no point here do they ask for any money, although that might happen if I were to contact them. Obviously I am going to ignore this but I would like to know what exactly they were after. I am sure I will not find out, but I am curious.

Now on to the quiz. The calendar combines weekends, so the answer will be posted Monday. I am glad to say that my friends who replied yesterday were all correct. One of them should never miss considering he is a fifth grade teacher, right Jeff? The answer of course was 300. You know, I like that number. I think it would make a good movie title.

Today's question is a Grade 3 American History question, and considering I am a history buff I am ashamed to say I missed it. I will explain a little more about that Monday.

What is another name for the Anasazi people who made homes out of rock in what is now the southwestern United States?