Saturday, January 17, 2009

Musical Managers.

We are about to have a change at Wal-Mart. All of the managers, with the exception of the store manager, are going to switch areas of responsibility. It seems that our District Manager came in one night and a couple of our third shift people were climbing on the shelving in the garden center. They were playing instead of working. The District Manager decided that third shift was too comfortable with our leadership, so the switch will be made in a couple of weeks. I don't worry about it because I do my job. Those that are playing around are very upset, naturally. Now they are going to have to actually earn their paychecks.

Things like this is one reason I have no desire to become a salaried manager. The pay is not bad, but what you have to do to earn it is not worth it to me. I like going in, doing my thing, and going home. I was on salary at K Mart for almost a year. My salary was based on 48 hours a week, but I never worked less than 60. There was a 21 day stretch that I got no days off. The store manager got in trouble and was told he had to do it, so naturally us assistants had to do the same. I took the job in November of 2000. I wanted it because that was to be my first Christmas since my wife had passed away. I figured that would keep me so busy that the season would pass and I wouldn't get depressed. That plan worked all too well. I was bounced out of it less than a year later when they decided to eliminate one assistant per store. I shed no tears when they did that. With what is currently going on at K Mart I am very glad to be away from them.
First I want to thank Volly for the way she answered yesterday's question. If you haven't read it she said:
"Q.What unit of power is abbreviated by the letter "W"?
A. Watt you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
I loved that. She is correct. The answer is watt. The phrasing was great. Well done!!!

The weekend question is Grade 4/Math.

Where should the comma be placed in the number 92465?
A) 9,2465
B) 9246,5
C) 92,465

I am on a roll and am feeling smarter. I am probably being set up. My score is 9-5.

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